About me/ Sobre mí

When I left Spain and came to New York, I did not realize to what extent such experience would change my life. I started studying Metal Sculpture at the Art Students League, where I discovered metals and the tools required to transform them into works of art. However, a fascination for precious metals grew on me and I decided to expand my interest by learning jewelry techniques. That’s how I arrived to my actual school, 92Y, where I am learning specialized methods in Bracelets, Stone Setting, Goldsmith, Gemology and Greco-Roman Classical Jewelry techniques.


I am passionate about ancient classical jewelry, pieces that possess the beauty and elegance of the times when they were created. If the goldsmith was able to maintain an equilibrium between technique, design and material quality, the result are timeless jewels, everlasting recipients of beauty. When somebody wears this type of jewelry, I think that a magical connection is established that enlightens the bearer. Such connection provides a sense of joy, that is precisely where the word “jewel” comes from, from the French “joie” and the Latin “iocus”. For all these reasons, my main sources of inspiration are classical jewelry, New York and always Spain. New York is my home and Spain my roots, and is that mixture of cultures and special places what inspires me.



My pieces are fully artisanal, designed and made by me in a custom-made way: the design and materials are based on the person that will wear the jewel. All the materials I use for my jewels are of the maximum quality and the gemstones are always natural stones.


I would like to thank all the people that shared their knowledge with me; all those that allow me to showcase my pieces in incomparable spaces; to Carlos David and Turi@Fotografia for the quality of their pictures; and finally, to all those who trust me when they want to have a special jewel made for them.